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Flexibility and Affordability

Depending on the nature of the project, the time necessary to complete the project, and the quality of the original language, prices can be determined by the project or by the hour. Retainers are required for ongoing projects with substantial hourly commitments. Rates are as follows:


Per-hour pricing:

Routine projects are billed at $80 per hour. Overly complicated projects, or time-sensitive projects requiring a “rush,” are billed at $100 per hour.


Per-project pricing:

Projects with a variety of elements will be negotiated in advance. Once the project scope and compensation has been negotiated, additional expectations will be billed at the routine hourly rate.  Project-based pricing is typically beneficial for the client, as it allows for unlimited edits, adjustments and re-writes to ensure the final project meets your specific expectations for tone and content.



Typical costs for writing and designing a one-page (letter-sized) brochure, excluding printing costs and expenses to acquire photography/graphics, is $1,000. WordSmith can arrange favorable printing rates.


Sales Letters:

A typical one-page sales and marketing letter (drip marketing) costs between $150 and $200.



Rates for creating presentations will be negotiated in advance, and will vary depending on the length and amount of graphics and animation.

l Versatility
Depth of Skills
Combining marketing, journalism, corporate communications, investor relations, and public relations in one firm provides a unique skill set which many companies would be unable to afford separately.

Depth of Education and Experience
A journalism degree, an MBA, and experience in marketing for two Fortune 100 Companies -- that's a combination hard to find!

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