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Experience, professionalism and a variety of skills

Jeffrey Stanlis, president and founder of WordSmith Communications, brings more than a decade of writing experience across a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Marketing: Mr. Stanlis spent seven years as the Vice President of Marketing for an investor relations consultancy, directing the firmís marketing efforts and advising clients on communications issues. Subsequently, Mr. Stanlis served as an analyst in the marketing department for a Fortune 100 company, focusing on strategy and positioning.

  • Investor Relations: Mr. Stanlis also served as counsel for the investor relations firmís clients, advising on matters relating to positioning, navigating regulations including Sarbanes/Oxley and Regulation FD, and corporate communications. This role included substantial experience in developing PowerPoint presentations and writing thousands of press releases.

  • Media Relations: With an undergraduate degree in journalism and 10 years experience as a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines, Mr. Stanlis has the ability to build relationships with journalists and understand their needs.

Mr. Stanlis has a degree in journalism with an emphasis in English from Northern Arizona University, where he studied with top speechwriters. He has a Masterís in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, where he graduated in the top three percent of his graduating class.

l Versatility
Depth of Skills
Combining marketing, journalism, corporate communications, investor relations, and public relations in one firm provides a unique skill set which many companies would be unable to afford separately.

Depth of Education and Experience
A journalism degree, an MBA, and experience in marketing for two Fortune 100 Companies -- that's a combination hard to find!

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